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How To Open Zip Files In Windows Vista?

It used to work before but now when I try to open/extract zip files the computer screen goes all crazy so I have to restart the computer. Also noticed that the zip folder icon does not show anymore, just blank space. Someone said I need to install WinZip to open zip files but I am sure I use to be able to open them quite easily before. Any ideas how to fix this?

asked Dec 3, 2011 by HTB   2 2 10

1 Answer

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Best answer

1. Choose a zip file you want to open. 

2. Right click on the file and choose Open With.


3.  On next window click Brows button.  



4. Copy and paste this: C:\Windows/explorer.exe to the box and click Go.


5. Now select: "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" selected and click OK.

answered Dec 3, 2011 by Linux   2
selected Mar 4, 2012 by HTB