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How To Link Facebook Page To Twitter Account?

Is it possible to link my Facebook page to my Twitter account so that everything that I post to my Facebook page like: status updates, links, photos, notes, and events would also show up in my Twitter feed.

asked Dec 16, 2011 by Liz   1 5

2 Answers

+1 vote

To have your Facebook updates also shared with your Twitter followers you need to link your Facebook page to your Twitter account. It is very easy to link these two accounts:

1. Sign in to you Twitter account and also Facebook account.

2. Go to this page on Facebook:

3. Choose a page and click ‘Link to Twitter‘.


4. Now authorize Facebook to use your Twitter account. Click ‘Authorize app’.


5. Now Your Facebook Page is linked to your Twitter account.


You can also edit the settings what you would like to share on your Twitter feed. You can choose to share: Photos, Status Updates, Events, Links, Notes, and then click ‘Save Changes‘.


answered Dec 16, 2011 by Linux   2
+1 vote

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answered Jan 6, 2012 by hando   1 5