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How To Enlarge Or Maximize Bags In World of Warcraft?

When I started playing World of Warcraft the big problem that I and many other players find is that it can be quite hard and time consuming to accumulate gold. As I am travelling through the game I collect many items along the way. I can usually collect items by killing monsters and picking up those items that they drop. Monsters can often drop quite valuable or rare items for me to collect. One mistake that I have made is that I set out on quests with a small bag and find that they dont have enough room to carry all the items that I find. So my question is; what is the best way to enlarge or maximize my bags?

asked Feb 3, 2012 by Mis Mida  

1 Answer

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You are right, it is very important that you enlarge your bags early in the game to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you have items to collect but not enough room to carry them. By carrying a large bag you won’t have to leave those valuable items behind as it happend to you.

It is advisable to enlarge your bag as early in the game as you can and to do this you can farm for some materials and once you have those materials you will then need to find a friendly tailor who can help make the bag. The World of Warcraft game has a ‘trade chat’ feature which is ideal for you to find a tailer to help you with the job of making a large bag.

Another way to get a large bag is to complete quests as often you will come across bags along the way. Another way to find materials to make bags is to kill mobs or monsters during quests as they might drop some useful linen cloth.

There are some great spots throughout the game where you can often find bags.  One great spot is the Wharf Master at Rachet where it is quite common to find old moneybags with six slots. The Westfall is another good spot where you may find a Captain Sander’s Booty Bag. Another great spot is in the Wetlands where if you dig through the ooze you might find a slot bag with 10 slots or a lunchbox with 12 slots.

You will be able to carry so many more items if you get yourself a large bag quite early on in the game. This will allow you to collect rare and valuable items that you find when completing quests without needing to drop any of your current items.  When you are able to collect more items during quests you will have more items to sell for gold at the Auction house. A large bag will allow you to collect more items to help maximize your profits throughout the game.

answered Feb 3, 2012 by Max Lootus  
edited Feb 3, 2012 by hando